Volunteer & Help with The Campaign

There are many ways you can volunteer to help Judge Hill as the next Superior Court Judge in Cobb County.

If you want to volunteer, it’s as simple as emailing the campaign at info@judgekelliehill.com, or calling us at 404-490-3364.

Here are some of the opportunities to help Judge Hill:

  • Make a donation the campaign
  • Host a fundraiser
  • Host a meet and greet
  • Help with community phone calls
  • Neighborhood canvasing
  • Delivering yard signs
  • Work polling locations during early voting and election day
  • Wear a T-shirt and help with canvasing
  • Drive voters to polls
  • Visit retirement communities
  • Help sign up people to vote by mail

Want to Volunteer?

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Your support for Judge Hill is sincerely appreciated.

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